About Salazar Insurance & Financial Services, LLC.

Serving the Inland Empire for almost 20 years. Now, with two offices to better serve our community. We always do our best to take care of our clients, we provide great service at excellent rates. 

Our Mission

Salazar Insurance & Financial Services, LLC, an independent insurance agency, where we are committed to the principles of Honesty, Efficiency and Integrity. We treat our clients as individuals and offer them the highest quality of service with the goal of exceeding their expectations.

Code of Ethics


I will analyze the insurance needs of my clients, and to the best of my ability, recommend the coverage to suit those needs.


I will render service to my clients with Honesty, Efficiency and Integrity.


I will strive to provide the public with a better understanding of insurance.


I will always work diligently to satisfy clients’ needs by acting in their best interest.


I will help maintain client’s confidences and protect their right to privacy.


I will take my responsibility as a licensed insurance professional seriously. Be loyal, skillful, caring, act in good faith and fair dealing, and provide full disclosure to clients.


I will continue to enhance my professionalism by developing my skills and increasing my knowledge through education.


I will respect my clients, supervisors, and colleagues.


I will obey the law and follow carrier policies for conducting business.


I will avoid conflict of interest, honor my commitments and obligations, and act within the scope of my authority.


I will hold myself accountable for my actions.


I will never give legal advice.